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Want to live longer? Want to live better?

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More than a compilation of longevity research, this essential toolkit will redesign lifestyles and forever transform the way we look at aging.

THE FOUNTAIN: How to Make 60 the New 30 is the first book to present a sensible, comprehensive, and scientifically-based approach to aging that includes the diet, supplements, exercise, mental training, and new medications to help us all live longer, happier, healthier, and more productive lives. Written by a top national health expert and media pundit, board certified orthopedic surgeon Rocco Monto MD, and with a foreword by Bill Maher of HBO's Real Time, it will explain why we age so poorly now and how the latest breakthroughs in the science and medicine can help change this.

Blending fascinating stories with new research findings, illustrations, infographics, and exclusive interviews, it will educate the reader on how aging really works and provide practical ways to hack the system. It will debunk long-held diet and fitness myths while highlighting safe, effective therapies backed by cutting edge research. Interlacing the clinical with the cultural, this reference is as entertaining as it is helpful.

A compass to navigate life’s challenges, THE FOUNTAIN will ignite a satisfying and meaningful approach to living for readers of all ages. Dr. Monto’s common sense, actionable advice, biting humor, and savvy insight will make him a trusted source and media favorite while he cultivates a broad, enthusiastic audience that will follow him for many years to come.


Rocco Monto, M.D., is an award winning board-certified orthopedic surgeon and a leading expert in sports medicine, stem cells, and aging. A national leader in health policy for orthopedists across the nation, he serves as a media spokesperson for the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and frequently consults with professional athletes and sports teams around the US and the globe. He has been featured in the New York Times, Time Magazine, New Yorker Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.

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