Dr. Monto featured in Men's Health magazine

Dr. Monto featured in Men's Health magazine


The ankle is highly stable in a neutral standing position. But in a downward-flexed, on-your-toes position, the joint depends more on support from injury-prone ligaments and tendons.

Top Threat: Sprain

What it is: A tear in one of the ligaments — usually on the outside of the ankle — that supports the joint. Severe sprains that leave the ankle unstable may eventually damage the joint’s bones and cartilage.

Cause: Stretching the ligament beyond its limits, usually by rolling the foot as you walk or run on an uneven surface, making a cutting move, or stepping on someone’s foot. Just a month ahead of Portugal’s 2018 World Cup bid, star forward Cristiano Ronaldo sprained his ankle and had to leave the game. “Outside of sports, the most common scenario for men is rolling the foot while going down a step,” says Rocco Monto, M.D., spokesman for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Treatment: Rest and compress the ankle, possibly with help from a brace. Rehab will build supporting muscles and increase balance with exercises like standing on one foot with eyes closed— important for preventing repeat sprains due to ankle instability. Surgery to reconstruct the ligament and brace the ankle is rarely needed.

Defense: Build calf muscles with exercises like calf raises to increase support around the ankle and improve balance. “They’re like stirrups that hold the ankle in,” says Dr. Monto.

Nantucket Magazine features Dr. Monto's book, The Fountain

The summer heats up as the hottest new magazine, N, debuts Dr. monto's new book, The Fountain: A Doctor's Prescription to Make 60 the New 30. 

Here's an excerpt..." I am afraid of dying. It’s not the end that concerns me, it’s what happens before. You see, getting older is a relatively new thing, and we really aren’t that good at it. To be sure, modern medicine has done a great job helping us all live longer. Clean water, antibiotics and modern surgery have postponed the ultimate checkout time for most of us. The problem is that while lifespan has increased, our health span hasn’t kept pace.

Our parents, who worked their whole lives for a retirement they thought would be filled with joy and fulfillment, wither away while their frail bodies and minds disintegrate. They linger on while heart disease, hypertension, strokes, renal disease, diabetes, dementia and depression are more common than ever. Aging has become a disease. But it doesn’t have to be like this. We can turn the tide. How do I know? Because I’ve done it."

N Magazine is available online and at newstands and booksellers throughout Nantucket and Cape Cod.

The Fountain Named one of the Best Wellness Books of The Year

The Like Me, They Really Like Me!

photo credit : Tim Ehrenberg, Nantucket Bookworks

photo credit: Tim Ehrenberg, Nantucket Bookworks

Dr. Monto's new book, The Fountain: A Doctor's Prescription to Make 60 the New 30 was named by Books for Better Living as one of the hottest new wellness books of 2018. Check it out at BBL.com. Order your copy today at Amazon, or your favorite local bookseller.

Maybe everyone doesn’t necessarily want to live longer, but everyone would probably agree that it’d be nice to live healthier, more fit, and dare I say, more youthful as we get older. Dr. Rocco Monto discusses how to do just that in his book The Fountain, focusing on the four pillars of science, diet, exercise, and medicine to show us how to ease the negative effects of growing older, prevent disease, and live more energetic and full lives as we age.